Embracing Growth : Senior Living In India
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Signature’s Senior Living Development Consulting is an All-Inclusive End to End Service specifically designed, customized and tailored to meet Indian needs and requirements, incorporating World Class International Standards

Whether you are a Developer, Builder or Business looking to diversify into Best of Class Senior Housing or an existing provider reaching out to upgrade, Signature Senior Living India Private Limited is your Optimal Choice.
Market and Project Assessment

Signature’s Location (Market) studies are based on thorough and pertinent research and analysis as it relates to the feasibility of a successful Senior Living Community. Signature’s feasibility studies are based on realistic premises and the unique characteristics of the specific locale and market area. Project Feasibility delves into the type and size of Senior Housing, target market in terms of end users, comprehensive financial modeling, risks and a host of fact that provide factual information.
Architectural and Design Consulting

The Design of a Senior Living Community is of paramount importance and is one of the key success factors for resident happiness, provision of services and cost efficiencies whilst maximizing senior living experience.

The Design bears the burden of responsibility to its environment and to its residents. Signature approaches each community design through a comprehensive design solution to cater to the wants and needs of the Senior Population whilst promoting aging in place.

Signature works in close tandem with the Architectural and Design Team to ensure that the best of class standards are incorporated. With decades of development and design experience, Signature works tirelessly to ensure maximum adoption based on Project type and specifics.

Interior Flow and Design Optimization

The success of a Senior Living Community is directly proportional to its resident’s happiness. Interior Flow and Design Optimization are a key means to influence behavior, promoting vibrant and engaged aging and meaningful days.

From the tiniest to the biggest, from the highly consequential to the non-consequential, Signature shares and is actively involved in providing its operational experience and translation to flow and design elements in order to achieve the end goal of resident and their family satisfaction.

Advertising and Marketing Consulting

Signature provides comprehensive advertising and marketing consulting to educate, spread awareness and communicate the benefits of the senior living community, its amenities and more importantly its senior care services.

Working closely with the Client, its advertising and marketing team, Signature provides proven valuable strategies to develop marketing programs and parameters, determine consistent means to measuring success, develop smart strategies, map out action plans and execute well-laid plans.

Team Signature partners closely during the life of the project development to ensure successful sale and occupancy of the Senior Living Community.
Resident Services and Community Operations

Sterling Care by Signature brings its extensive five star quality operational experience tailored to meet the unique needs of the senior living community based on its type and character and the needs and requirements of it's residents.

Signature’s community operation consulting covers all areas of operational efficiency, establishing a flourishing community culture, an installed leadership base and a vibrant and engaged resident atmosphere.

Simply put, Signature partners for a successful running community.

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